Douglas Directory

Every year the Douglas PTO creates a directory which includes contact information for every student at Douglas. This is an invaluable resource for parents, faculty, and staff throughout the year, used for arranging playdates, inviting friends to birthday parties, and for enabling staff and faculty members to contact parents easily. 

Please use the online directory form here to order one or more copies of the Directory, and to provide information about printing your family's information. (If there is no form linked here, orders are closed for the year.) This is also the place to tell us if you have a 6th grader who would like to be listed as a babysitter. If you prefer, you can send in a check with a printed directory info/order form.

Directories are usually distributed in October. 

Please note our email address policy

Most of the Directory information comes from the PowerSchool system, but we do not use email addresses from that system. Our policy regarding how we include email addresses in the directory: We prefer that you tell us explicitly what email address(es) you want us to print. You can do that by submitting one of the above forms (online or printed information form via backpack express) or by sending email to Adriano Sabatelli. (Please put "Douglas Directory Update" in the subject so the message doesn't go to spam!)  If you do not provide us with an email address to print, we will use our best judgment.