Update Your Listing in the Douglas Directory

Thanks for helping us make the Douglas Directory a fantastic tool for Douglas families, faculty, and staff!  

This form is used primarily to collect email addresses (since we'd like to make sure we're printing the ones you want us to print), but this is also the place to let us know if there's anything special about how we should list your family's information.  For example, if parents have separate addresses, or there's a nickname you want us to print which is different from what appears in PowerSchool, if you want to specify a cell vs land line to print, this is the place to let us know. Returning families can look at last year's directory for reference, although we will get the starting information from PowerSchool (child's name, parents' names, address, and phone number). 

After you submit this page, you will have the option to order one or more copies of the directory.


This is used only to help us identify you.

All the information EXCEPT email addresses will come from the PowerSchool system. As a rule, we will NOT automatically print the email address(es) you have listed in PowerSchool; we would prefer that you explicitly tell us which email address(es) to print.  We will make every effort to contact you, but if we don't hear from you we'll use our best judgement.

EMAIL: please provide us with up to TWO email addresses you would like us to print in the directory:

The name of your sixth grader who would like to be added to the babysitter listing.
Use this box to tell us anything special about how you'd like your family's information printed in the directory. This can include nicknames, separate addresses for the parents, or any other notes that will make the directory more accurate and useful.