Eagle's Nest School Store

The Eagle's Nest School Store will be open on Tuesdays and Fridays before school (8:25-8:40 early schedule, 9:05-9:20 late schedule​). The fourth graders act as storekeepers and sell school supplies such as pencils, folders, notepads, mechanical pencils, key chains, pop-a-point pencils, rulers, pencil bags, pencil grips, sharpeners, and erasers. As storekeepers, they learn to work together as a team, help customers, and put their "Everyday Math" skills to the test adding up purchases and making change.

All students, faculty and parents are invited to shop at the store. 

Parents oversee the running of the store, help order new supplies, and train the students. Parents of students in all grades are invited to participate. A portion of the proceeds from the store helps defray the cost of a fourth grade field trip. The remainder of the funds is given to Douglas and/or a local charity.